Alec Brian

DJ Alec Brian’s burning passion for dance, rhythm & music has launched this twenty six year olds career as a DJ. Alec’s extensive dance background which had him performing in national dance competitions up and down the east coast has fostered a multifaceted skillset that exudes his flavor and charisma. He applies his skillset by creating a unique mix of sickening vocals with fierce circuit tribal beats that will want you to put your cha-cha-heels on, lips sync for your life, and dance the night away.
He started his DJ career by creating podcasts for his kick ass Barry’s Bootcamp classes. Which landed him his first DJ opportunity during San Diego Pride of 2017, opening up for Chris Cox for LE Parties Friday night event called Impact. Since then he has DJ'd for parties such as Rough Trade, Rebar, The Ritz, Shelter Afterhours, and more.
His first mashup of 'Fucking Work it' by Lapetina received quite the buzz. With original lyrics by Alec himself and lyricists and The Voice contender, Nedra Belle, you can hear this track being played at circuit parties across the country.
Stay tuned because you will not only be hearing him around the country about soon around the world!


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The Digna Party 2/16

Trade Soho Underground 11/24

Impact San Diego Pride 7/13